NovX™, the industry leader in advanced-technology ammunition, has launched a new line of personal defense handgun ammunition, available at Midway USA. The Pentagon defense cartridge was developed to provide maximum terminal performance for defensive, concealed carry applications.

Building on the NovX reputation for innovative, field-proven personal protection ammunition for civilians and law enforcement, the just-released Pentagon cartridge establishes new benchmarks in terminal performance for handgun ammunition.

The Pentagon line of handgun ammo centers on a monolithic copper hollow point design specifically engineered for controlled expansion on impact, maximizing penetration while delivering optimal hydrostatic shock. These environmentally safe, lead-free projectiles deliver petal expansion up to twice the bullet diameter. The Pentagon’s higher velocities and greater impact energy than conventional composite bullets are credited to the monolithic copper bullet’s lighter weight and the NovX patented 2-piece stainless steel cartridge case design. The net result is a defensive cartridge that is lighter to carry concealed, easier to shoot, provides for fast sight picture acquisition on follow-up shots through reduced muzzle flip, and superior terminal performance to quickly end defensive engagements.

Pentagon is currently offered in:
• 9mm Luger, 115-gr., standard pressure or +P

Coming soon:
• 380 Auto, 80-gr., standard pressure or +P
• .40 S&W, 140-gr., standard pressure or +P
• .45 Auto, 185-gr., standard pressure or +P

The NovX Pentagon is their first in the series of new introductions which sets new benchmarks for EDC/CCW handgun ammunition in terms of terminal results and operational performance, and popular defensive rifle cartridges featuring Pentagon projectiles with others soon to follow. For more information on Pentagon ammunition as well as the proven NovX Engagement: Extreme and Cross Trainer/Competition line of defense and training ammo, visit

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