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NovX has reinvented ammunition with its full line of high performance pistol and rifle ammunition. This includes both polymer/copper Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense and ballistically matched Cross Trainer/Competition ammunition as well as our new Pentagon line of monolithic copper, lead-free, hollow point ammunition.


NovX Poly/Copper Projectiles

NovX Ammunition utilizes the gain in velocity to generate significant energy levels (foot pounds). This higher velocity and energy, through the patented poly/copper projectile flutes creates fluid displacement, a devastating terminal effect. While these bullets will penetrate mild steel and glass, the advanced poly/copper projectile material used is engineered-frangible and designed to break apart upon impact with concrete, hardened steel and other barriers no expanding bullet can penetrate. This technology greatly reduces the chance of ricochet, helping lower the risk of collateral damage during close quarters defense and training. Ballistically matched NovX projectiles are dead-on accurate and will break apart upon impact with hardened steel targets.


NovX Monolithic Copper Pentagon Projectiles

NovX Pentagon is the new standard in premium lead-free pistol and rifle ammunition. Each Pentagon projectile is precision-turned from pure solid copper barstock to a proprietary design of bullet perfection. The result – NovX Pentagon ammunition delivers unrivaled accuracy, ultra-high velocities and produces explosive terminal performance.

The combination of Pentagon’s monolithic copper bullet design, its lighter weight, plus the NovX patented 2-piece stainless steel cartridge case produces higher velocities and greater impact energy than conventional composite bullet ammunition.

The net result is a defensive cartridge that is lighter to carry concealed, easier to shoot, provides for fast sight picture acquisition on follow-up shots through reduced muzzle flip, and superior terminal performance to quickly end defensive engagements.

NovX 2-piece stainless steel shell casing

NovX’s revolutionary 2-piece, high-nickel stainless steel shell casing is a key component to delivering unsurpassed performance of NovX Ammunition. This unique case is far superior to extruded brass, providing increased strength, greater power, more effective alignment, all with lower weight. For shooters this means higher velocity, greater efficiency, faster cycling, less weight, combined with reduced fouling, and ballistically matched performance and accuracy. All this while being up to 50% lighter than a brass casing.

Advantages of the NovX Stainless Steel Base

  • Greater corrosion resistance
  • Extremely strong to handle higher +P chamber pressures
  • Designed for full-auto rate of fire.
  • Will not burn or melt
  • Will not abrade, clog, foul, wear-out or damage breach or ejector mechanisms. It will also not “balloon” when fired in an unsupported chamber and dramatically reduces the tendency to jam.
  • Has a fractionally larger flash hole which eliminates back-face pressure which is ideal for environmentally friendly (lead-free) primers.

Advantages of the NovX High-Nickel Stainless Steel Cylinder

  • High-nickel stainless steel is functionally less abrasive than brass
  • 8%-12% more internal powder capacity than brass case of same caliber.
  • Self-lubricating (no external lubrication required)
  • Higher tensile strength than brass. High-nickel stainless is 1.6 times stronger than conventional brass.
  • Greater elasticity than brass, will not grow, fire form to breach
  • Ideal for high pressure loads and military applications, dramatically reduces tendency to jam
  • Magnetic
  • Highly corrosion resistant
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